What is a Fire Buddy?  Well, it could be described as a campers best friend.

This sturdy, steel forged, piece of equipment is invaluable to those who enjoy camping, bon fires, or a romantic glowing fireplace.  The Fire Buddy is made with safety in mind, so burns are no longer a part of your camping outing.  It is excellent for adding wood a safe distance from the flames, or for putting partially burnt pieces back.

We now have 3 different sizes for the Fire Buddy family, the Little Buddy which is 25" in length, the Fire Buddy which is our original is 48" in length, and the Big Buddy which is 65" in length.

All have claws that open to 8" wide, all steel construction, two handles to make handling wood easier and lighter, three long claws to grab wood firmly, one is movable, hand welded and made in the USA.

Some of the uses for a Fire Buddy are: Refill a red-hot firepit, turn wood around to stir up fire, keeps sparks and ashes down.

We also fabricate our own line of campfire rotating grills. The Grilling Buddy is a grill that rotates 360 degrees.

Don't forget about our Can Holders. 
Made of one solid rod, 2 rings, and a disc. Oh yeah and a push bar for your foot.