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Deluxe Grilling Buddy

21 1/2" Grilling Buddy

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Can/Cup Holder
Great for when your are playing those lawn games or even just sitting around and relaxing, by the campfire.

You are able to purchase these as a two piece order or a four piece order. We have 5 colors to choose from now: YellowBlackBlue,
Red,Orange and Green.
Please specify when ordering.

If you want to order more pieces than what listed here please, contact us.
$38.00 for two pieces
$49.00 for four pieces

These work perfect for hard soil or clay ground coverings. Just use your foot on the heel kicker to push into the ground or  a hammer, for harder soil conditions. 

Also, available in a two piece or four piece orders.

If you want to order more pieces than what is listed here, please contact us. 
Tiki Torch Holder
$20.00 for 2 pieces
$28.00 for 4 pieces
Buddy Holder
Made of sturdy 5/16" steel with a Sheppard hook type end to hold your Fire Buddy.  This will help eliminate the misplacement of your Buddy or even someone accidentally tripping over it.
Grilling Buddy Cost
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US Orders
$30.00 for One Tower
$45.00 for Two Towers
Having trouble remembering your score while playing lawn games with friends and family.Now with the SCORETOWER all that forgetfulness can stop. It will help you keep track of your scores.

This kit comes with 2 SCORETOWER cards, 2 card holders, and 4 plastic clothespins. One tower for each side of game.

Made out of 304 Stainless Steel with a wooden handle. Sold as a pair.

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One ScoreTower
Two ScoreTowers
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